Measure 1 – Crossing Stjørnfiord

Measure 1 is a bridge solution across the Stjørnfiord between Ørland and Indre Fosen municipalities. A new connection that reduces the travel time and length between Ørland and the Rissa / Leksvik / Trondheim area. Replaces no ferry.

Measure 2 – Tunnel Stadsbygd

New tunnel Stadsbygd for faster and safer road connection between Stadsbygd towards Rørvik (Indre Fosen municipality).

Measure 3 – Crossing the Trondheimsfiord

Measure 3 is a bridge between Fosen and Trondheim located in the area where the current ferry connection between Flakk and Rørvik on fv. 715 is today.

Measure 4 – Tunnel Blåheia – Rissa center (Indre Fosen municipality)

Measure 4 is a new road between Rissa center and Fevåg to improve safety and travel time for users of a new connection across the Stjørnfiord (Indre Fosen municipality).

The measures are roughly marked on the map. Routes have not been clarified, none of the measures have been clarified according to plan. The numbering does not mean order in terms of implementation.