Local and regional effects

With the bridge over the Trondheimsfiord, Fosen will become part of a larger common housing and labor market in the Trondheim region.

As a result of the measures, several settlements at Fosen will be at a acceptable commuting distance to the housing and labor market in and around Trondheim (Norconsult Feb 2017).

Travel time

With the bridge over the Trondheim Fiord, the following distances and travel times can be estimated:

  • 26 km and 20 min travel time from Stadsbygd
  • 30 km and 23 min travel time from Vanvikan
  • 40 km and 35 min from Rissa
  • 60 km and 50 min from Leksvik
  • 65 -70 km and 50 -55 min from Ørland / Bjugn with bridge over Stjørnfjorden
  • 85 km and 65 min from Åfjord

Joint housing and labor market

Bridges crossing the Trondheimfiord and the Stjørnfiord provide a basis for an expanded housing and labor market. Southern parts of Fosen will be considered suburbs of Trondheim. Commuting to / from Fosen and Trondheim will be made easier.

Increased population at Fosen

With a fixed connection across the Trondheim fiord, it is therefore hardly a question of whether the population at Fosen will double, rather how long it will take. As it takes time to generate growth through structural changes and framework conditions, the process is hard to predict.

Easier commuting for leisure residents

People with holiday homes at Fosen will have an easier journey, and this will of course also apply to those with a house in the city.

Potensial for increased development in municipalities at Fosen

With large reductions in time and distance to the nearby Trondheim area, the impact of municipal development plans will probably be large. By providing large development areas for housing, industry and leisure, the population and level of economic activity will be significantly affected.

Live at Fosen and work in Trondheim – or vice versa

The Fosen Peninsula becomes more attractive without ferries. It will be more relevant living at Fosen and work in Trondheim – or vice versa.

Better logistics for businesses

More efficient transport solutions, greater flexibility.

More attractive tourist destinations

A bridge across the Trondheim fjord will give tourists greater flexibility when traveling to / from Fosen. Destinations will thus become more attractive.

Experiences from the E39 Project in Norway*

The work on ferry-free E39  has revealed that the long-term effects on society through increased productivity and value creation in the business sector are large. They can be far greater than the transport economic benefits. The effects are difficult to generalize, and must be considered individually. However, the work has made it possible to set some values ​​on probable long-term effects. It is important to be aware of the assumptions on which the analyzes are based.

Many effects

The effects of the measures in the package will be very large, both internally at Fosen and externally. The Air Base at Ørland, a diverse business community, a competent, attractive and vibrant agricultural environment that will come significantly closer to a large Norwegian city, as well as fishing and aquaculture are some. The Fosen area is large and also has a very large number of cabins and holiday homes and tourist-oriented facilities.