• 2028

    Fosenbrua completed

  • 2025

    Construction starts

  • 2016

    Fosenbrua AS founded

  • 1988

    Ideas about crossing the Trondheim fiord

All possible reservations are to be included here, but we have no evidence as of today to change our goals. There is a discussion going on whether the crossing of the Stjørnfiord should be constructed first, and whether the crossing of the Trondheimsfiord should be constructed more or less at the same time. There are several things over which we have no control, especially financing.

For the Stjørnfjord crossing work is underway (together with the Indre Fosen and Ørland municipalities, Trøndelag County Municipality, the Fosen region and business associations), on planning in accordance with the Planning and Building Act. The goal for this work is a  finalized crossing by 2028.